Registration Policy Synopsis

1. A player is registered when they are signed up to play(registration form and medical release) and pay a fee (determined by county organization). A youth player who meets the age, registration and assignment requirements is considered an eligible player, if playing on the team to which he/she is assigned

2. A registered player is at least age 4 or under age 19 as of August 1 of the seasonal year.

3. A seasonal year is the fall and spring season.

3. A registered player is rostered to a team according to their birth year. If a child turns 16 on September 15, they are considered Under 16 because the child's age on August 1 was 15. Below are the EKYSA age divisions.

EKYSA AGE DIVISIONS U6 4-5 yrs as of 7-31

U8 6-7 yrs as of 7-31

U10 8-9 yrs as of 7-31

U12 10-11 yrs as of 7-31

U14 12-13 yrs as of 7-31

U16 14-15 yrs as of 7-31

U19 16-18 yrs as of 7-31

Players will not be assigned to an upper age division when the Member Organization has an active team with an unfilled roster in the appropriate age division

When a Member Organization is unable to field a team in a given age division or has filled that age division roster(s) to capacity, then the player(s)may be assigned to an upper division team

In the event of a question regarding player eligibility, the coach is required to provide a copy of his team roster upon request of the opposing coach

The minimum roster requirement established by EKYSA for small sided games for each age division shall be:

Age Division Minimum Roster Limit

U-6 4

U-8 4

U-10 7

U-12 7

U-14 7

U-16 9

U-19 9

Players may be added to a team roster, so long as the maximum roster size is not exceeded

No team shall be allowed to have more than the maximum number of players on its roster at any given time during the seasonal year.

The maximum roster limit for each age division being:

Age Division Maximum Roster

U-6 unlimited

U-8 8

U-10 13

U-12 15

U-14 18

U-16 18

U-19 18

Deliberate creation of single birth-year teams is not permitted. Procedures should be taken to ensure that no more than two-thirds(2/3) of the players assigned to a team have the same birth year.

Players will automatically move to the next age division on the basis of birth year only.

Children of the head coach and not more than one (1) assistant coach may be assigned to the head coaches team regardless of the method of team formation, so long as the age requirements are met.

When questions occur, contact the county registrar and the league registrar.

All coaches must carry the team roster, and a medical release for each player to all practices and games.