Revision: 1/15/2002





            1.         Where a County has more than one coach in an age division, the County will effect a “meeting-of-the-minds” among the affected and interested coaches. 


            2.         This coordination will occur in a timely manner well before ANY team formulation begins, and not later than four weeks prior to the tournament registration deadline.  After that, coaches from other teams and counties may begin soliciting guest players for their tournament teams once the player’s team has completed the regular season.


B.         PRIORITIES:


            1.         A coach has first option to take his/her regular season recreational team intact.  Once this intent is known, efforts by others to solicit players from these teams will be considered poaching.     


            2.         If a player’s regular season team is participating in a particular tourney, the player cannot participate with an All-Star/Competitive/Open (ASC/Open) team or as a guest/transfer player for another team.


            3.         A player may not play on two teams at a tournament/event.


            4.         ASC/Open teams and their coaching staff will come from regular season home county resources until such resources have been fully considered by the coaches involved.  Only then will inter-county recruiting be permitted.


            5.         Coaches in a regular season age group have first priority to coach and select players for ASC/Open team(s) in that division.  If there are more coaches than teams, they will co-coach the select team(s).  Where more than one ASC/Open team is possible, coaches will select players in an open draft


C.        AUTHORIZATION.  Prior to formulating ASC teams or requesting guest players:


            1.         As a minimum, if a coach is taking his team to a tournament/event and needs no more than 3 guest/transfer players, the coach will notify the coach and county coordinator that he is going to request a guest/transfer player from their team and:


            2.         Clear the action through their county board if players are from within their county.


            3.         Clear the action through the EKYSA Board if they are taking players from outside of their county.




            1.         Registrars will provide coaches with certified rosters for recreational teams that are competing intact.  Coaches will complete other required forms for all players not registered to their team.


            2.         Coaches will prepare team tournament entry forms and rosters.  Under no circumstances will EKYSA and county officials certify an ASC/Open team as recreational.


            3.         EKYSA or county funds will not be obligated for fees or other expenses unless approved in advance. 


            4.         Coaches or team administrators are permitted to solicit donations earmarked for tournament participation.  They can accept the donations upon disclosure to their county treasurer.  Donations contingent upon advertising can be accepted after the county board determines the appropriateness of the ad.