East Kentucky

Youth Soccer Association


Safety Policy and Guidelines



Safety is the foremost consideration in the success of EKYSA.  The safety of our children is the combined responsibility of parents, coaches and game officials.

EKYSA game officials will not permit your child to play if their attitude, physical condition or equipment endangers the health or safety of your child or the children with whom your child will be playing.


To practice and play EKYSA soccer your child must not wear:

A hat, sunglasses, jewelry (watches, necklaces, earrings, rings) metal hair fasteners, shoes with metal cleats or a plastic toe cleat.


Required Equipment

To practice and play E.K.Y.S.A. soccer, your child must wear shin guards and soccer shoes with round plastic cleats.

A plastic mouth guard is recommended.


Field Condition

It is the responsibility of the referee to decide whether or not a scheduled game is to be canceled or abandoned due to unsafe playing conditions.



Parent’s Responsibilities

EKYSA is a community organization,

as such, the cooperation and participation

of the players’ parents is necessary for the League to succeed and grow for the benefit of East Kentucky’s youth.

At a minimum, parents are expected to:

·        Transport their child to and from practice and games on time.

·        Be supportive of all the players (criticism does not improve performance).

·        Help your child understand that he / she is contributing to a team effort.

Focus on mastering skills and having fun, not winning.

·        Avoid material rewards for your child (the reward is the fun of playing).

·        Attend games and cheer the teams.

·        Do not criticize the opponents; be positive with all players.

·        Respect the referee’s decisions. They will make mistakes but are doing their best. If you feel that you are better qualified, see the E.K.Y.S.A. referee coordinator. We can easily find work for you.

·        Unless you are an E.K.Y.S.A. appointed coach, refrain from coaching your child during games.  Appreciate the difference between the roles of coach and parent.


Player’s Responsibilities

To ensure that your child gains the most from his / her E.K.Y.S.A. experience, encourage him / her to accept responsibility to:

Ø     Attend all practices and games and to arrive on time.

Ø     Bring / wear proper equipment to each practice and game.

Ø     Inform the coach in advance if he / she must miss a game or practice.

Ø      Work toward good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Ø     Make each practice a challenge to improve his or her skills.

Ø     Be supportive of his / her teammates all the time.

Ø      Respect the decisions of the referee.


Player’s Code

Play the game for the games sake.

Be generous when you win.

Be gracious when you lose.

Be fair always, no matter what the cost.

Obey the laws of the game.

Work for the good of your team

Accept the decisions of the officials with good grace.

Believe in the honesty of your opponents.

Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.


League Policies

·        Competition vs. score-keeping

EKYSA is a recreational league having the primary goals of teaching the game of soccer and the practice of sportsmanship and fair play to East Kentucky’s youth.

In spite of not keeping standings, parents should understand that EKYSA coaches encourage their players to play a highly competitive game of recreational soccer.



·        Team Areas / Spectator Areas

Each EKYSA team may be attended by no more than 3 coaches on the player’s side of the field.

 All other persons are considered to be spectators and will occupy the opposite side of the field.

Spectators should not stand behind the goal lines or between the restraining lines and the touchlines.

Restraining Lines - lines painted parallel and approximately 1 yard outside of each touchline.

The area between the touchline and the restraining line allows the assistant referees or linesmen space to move up and down the field, and allows players enough space to play the ball near the touchline and execute

throw-ins without interference from spectators, coaches or teammates.


Bad weather

As long as the playing surface is safe and there is no lightning, soccer players may practice in light rain or snow at the discretion of the team’s coach.

Parents should use their own judgment to determine their child’s health and tolerance to inclement weather, and dress their children accordingly.

Parents should communicate directly with their child’s coach or team administrator as to whether a scheduled practice or game has been canceled.






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